Home groups

As part of our vision to see our town transformed, we encourage all members of St Peter’s to become more effective disciples of Jesus Christ through fellowship, prayer and service in a small group, growing in faith alongside others.

What is a Home Group?

A Home Group is a group of about 5 to 12 people who meet regularly in someone’s home for fellowship, worship, prayer, Bible study, discussion and support. Each group has its own unique character, evolving according to the needs of its members.

Why join a Home Group?

Home groups provide an environment where we can learn about God and grow in our relationship with Him. We need other people in order to grow – God never meant us to go it alone on our Christian journey. When you join a Home Group you will begin to feel that you really belong to the church and to God’s family. As we get to know each other, we are able to discover each other’s needs and offer support. We all encounter challenges in our lives – we need a close group of friends who can help and pray for us during difficult times.

Home Groups provide an opportunity for regular Bible study in an informal setting where you can feel free to ask questions and explore ways of applying what you have learned, and it is within small groups that we really develop our prayer life and encounter the Holy Spirit at work.
Home Groups organise and participate in many church activities. As individuals we may find it hard to take part, but as a member of a group it becomes easier. This enhances our sense of belonging and helps us to discover and develop our gifts.

If you would like to join one of our Home Groups, or would like more information, please contact the Church Office.