Pete’s Prayers for December

Pete’s Prayers is a monthly prayer diary that helps us all to pray effectively for the church and for each other by giving you a topic from St Peter’s to include in your prayers every day.

Here’s this month’s diary:

Wednesday1For volunteers to come forward to help with the various vacancies; laptop rota, sides people, Sunday groups and Youthie.
Thursday2For our uniformed groups
Friday3For Martin and Katharine – give thanks for the wonderful job they do.
Saturday4For Oasis this morning and all those who attend.
SUNDAY5For all our children’s groups and Youthie – that what they learn here will impact their lives in the future.
Monday6For our uniformed groups
Tuesday7For those in the leadership of Shipley Christians Together – Keith Jones, Hugh Firman, Euan Woodward and Mary Carroll and John Rainer.
Wednesday8For Elizabeth and those who run the Memory Tree; that their work would be a real blessing to those suffering from dementia and those caring for them.
Thursday9Give thanks for those who look after our building and its maintenance and pray for its safety and security. 
Friday10For See & Know and the Mums and tots who attend.
Saturday11For our Wine Tasting event tonight – for all the guests who attend, that they would enjoy the experience of being in Church.
SUNDAY12For our services today, particularly Messy Christmas this afternoon! Pray that this would be a special time for families.
Monday13For all those who are new to our congregation, that they would feel welcomed and valued
Tuesday14Please pray for our older folks and those who feel isolated.
Wednesday15For God’s protection of this Church, spiritually and physically
Thursday16For those seeking Jesus to find Him.
Friday17For the young people who attend youth activities, many of whom are struggling with all sorts of issues.
Saturday18For the parish in which we live, that we might be salt and light within it
SUNDAY19For our witness in the community and for Jesus to reign here.
Monday20For our Churchwardens – give thanks for all that they do.
Tuesday21For those who bring God’s word to us today and for the Messy Church Team and all those who attend.
Wednesday22For Rachel and her teams as they plan and lead groups.
Thursday23For the Staff Team, for health, strength and wisdom.
Friday24For our Crib Service today and all the children and families who will attend.
Saturday25Merry Christmas!  Let’s give thanks for God’s most precious gift.
SUNDAY26For those suffering from ill-health, loneliness, isolation.
Monday27For the Foodbank – those who volunteer and those who receive help.
Tuesday28Shipley Neighbours – Julie and those who use its services.
 29For good health and stamina for those in leadership, that God would uphold them.
Wednesday30For all those on our deputy warden’s team.
Thursday31Pray for the New Year to come – for opportunities to share Jesus and for lives to be changed.