Follow the Jesse Tree through Advent

Advent began last Sunday and on December 1 we launched a very special advent project to grow a Jesse Tree!

The Christmas story that we all know well is a chapter from a bigger story that tells us much more about how Jesus came to be born in Bethlehem as a human baby and why he came.

The Jesse Tree helps us to find out more about that story by tracing Jesus’ family tree – the Jesse Tree. Every day in December, you can join us to find out about some of the characters from the bigger Jesus story.

There will be stories on our YouTube channel here to watch and we will be making a giant Jesse Tree outside St Peter’s! Each day we will hang a different item, representing that day’s character, on the tree outside church. We’re really grateful to some of our church families who have helped us to make these items – here’s a picture of day one, which was an apple, to represent the story of Adam and Eve from Genesis:

You’ll find the stories of the Littlest Watchman – who helps us to understand where the Jesse Tree comes from – and of Adam and Eve, Noah and Abraham already, with more being added every day – and their items appearing on the tree. Why not go for a walk past and see how many items you can identify?

You can also make your own Jesse Tree at home using a tree in your garden, or collect branches and put them in a vase, and make your own items from the story each day and hang them up through advent.

You’ll find a link to each day’s story on our Facebook page when it’s posted so, whatever your age, are you sitting comfortably? Then let’s begin with the story of the Jesse Tree this Advent!

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