Maturing in Christ – Diocesan Strategy

In 2019, the Diocese of Leeds published ‘Maturing in Christ’ – the strategic vision they would like all the churches in the diocese to be delivering together. The original plan was to start implementing the strategy over the next five years from 2019 but it has obviously had to go on hold during the Pandemic. However, the diocese will now be asking us to start thinking again about what this might look like in St Peter’s and in Shipley.

The strategy has five strategic goals:

  • Thriving as a distinctive diocese whose culture is shaped by shared vision & values – working together as a large, young diocese especially on planning, culture and finances
  • Reimagining ministry – how we work together to grow our churches, impact on the environment and local communities and relate to those outside or on the edge of church
  • Nurturing lay discipleship – helping people to grow in faith and live it out on a daily basis through the week
  • Building leadership pathways – helping both lay people and clergy develop as leaders both inside and outside the church
  • Growing young people as Christians – making sure we actively welcome and draw in children and young people to our churches and support their development in faith.

You can read more about the strategy on the diocesan website here.

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