Generosity and Giving

St. Peter’s continues to exist because of the generosity of its members both in terms of monetary giving and giving of time in voluntary roles.

The church costs about £5,000 per week to run. These expenses are made up of a contribution to our parish share (the request made by the diocese for churches to contribute to the running of the diocese and to pay for the provision of priests in all parishes) and the costs of running the church and adjoining halls. We usually rent out our facilities to raise income but during the current pandemic, this alternative source of income has largely ceased and we mainly rely on the generosity of our regular givers.

There are various methods of donating to the running of the church.

Regular direct bank payments to the church
This can be monthly, weekly, annually or any regular interval you prefer. There are two main types:

  • Standing Orders – where you set up a standing order at your bank to pay a regular amount
  • Direct Debits – this is a relatively recent option where you can sign up through the Parish Giving Scheme to send a regular amount by Direct Debit. Currently we are part of a pilot scheme for the Parish Giving Sceme Online service which allows you to set up and subsequently manage your giving online and we would like some additional donors to sign up using this system. It is relatively simple to use. Click here to find out more about the Parish Giving Scheme.

Regular payments in the offertory plate that is passed round in each service
You can place cash or cheques in the plate – either loose or in a yellow envelope allowing some privacy – or you can put cash or cheques in a free will offering envelope. These are envelopes with a number allocated to an individual and the Sunday date. This provides a more anonymous regular donation

One-off donations
These can be handed in to the offertory plate or paid in by a bank payment.

We do encourage members to remember the church in your wills.

Most of these options can be enhanced by the Gift Aid scheme through which the Government allows charities to claim back the tax that has been paid on donations given to the charity. Currently we receive back 25p for every pound donated by you if you are a tax payer. We encourage everyone who pays tax and donates to the church either regularly or occasionally to help us by registering for Gift Aid.

Looking at other donations, such as time, gifts and skills, we are always short of volunteers to assist in many ways so if you are interested speak to either the Vicar John Rainer or one of our wardens or the wider staff team.

If you have questions about giving please have a word in confidence with our Church Treasurer Mike Moss, or to find out more about Gift Aid and how that works, speak to our Gift Aid Secretary, Mark Davies.

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