Worship during the Coronavirus Pandemic

St Peter’s Online

As we have already announced, public worship is suspended for the time being and the increasingly tight restrictions mean we have had to close the church building as we have all heeded the government’s advice to stay at home and avoiding mixing with too many other people.

However, as Bishop Nick has made clear, while public services cease, prayer and worship must not! Although we are pleased to be able to reopen the church in a very limited way for private prayer only from Sunday 5 July, the online activities we have set up over the past months will be continuing has set out here as well.

We want to try and continue with the daily round of prayer and worship as an important frame to all of our lives during this difficult and unprecedented time.

Daily Prayer

We would like as many as possible to try and take time at the start and/or the end of your day to say a form of daily prayer. We will all manage this at slightly different times and in different ways but the important thing is that we do it! Every week we will be providing two suggested patterns for morning prayer and one for evening prayer, in case this is a helpful resource for you to use – see the post on our Home Page every Monday.

We know that people like to pray differently – some find it helpful to follow a set pattern of written liturgy, others prefer to pray more informally. Whichever way works best for you, we have provided outline formats for both formal liturgy and an informal morning prayer time and an early evening prayer – please use these if helpful.

The readings and prayers follow those set out in the lecitonary for the church’s year and the readings will be published on the church noticesheet each week as well so you can follow these if it is helpful.

We know some people find it easier to pray when they know others are praying too and so one of the staff team will be saying Morning or Evening prayer each day Monday to Friday ‘Live’ over on our Facebook page. Most weeks, we will follow this pattern:

MondayEvening Prayer5.30pm
TuesdayMorning Prayer9am
WednesdayMorning Prayer9am
ThursdayEvening Prayer5.30pm
FridayMorning Prayer9am
Daily Prayer at St Peter’s Online

Sunday Worship

We are posting a pre-recorded service of Evening Worship at Home on the church’s YouTube channel here at 6.30pm on Sunday evenings, which allows as many people as possible to access it. Do join others to watch it together virtually at 6.30 if you are able, or watch it later when you can so that we all still share in worship. You can download the order for the service from the post on the Home Page each week so that you can follow it as we go through the worship. Do use the comments function under the video to post requests for issues you would like everyone to pray about – or you can post prayer requests on our Facebook page as well.

If you would like to join in online worship on Sunday morning as well, a variety of churches around the diocese are live-streaming on Sunday mornings – you can find out more on the website here.

The national Church of England service also takes place each week you can listen to live on Radio 4 at 8.10am or it will be broadcast on the Church of England’s facebook page here at 9am and or via the Church of England’s website here.

On the Third Sunday of every month – when we usually have a joint 10.30am service – we will be posting a Family Communion service instead of Evening Worship. This will go live, again on our YouTube Channel at 10.30am. Although we can’t share Holy Communion together, this still give us opportunity to remember the significance of the sacrament until we are able to gather round the Lord’s Table together again.

Children, young people and families

Rachel is continuing to run a range of activities online. Each week there will be a family worship time every Sunday morning on Facebook Live, which is followed by a special family ‘Show and tell’ prayertime together at 11.15am. Contact Rachel by email if you would like to know more about this. Rachel will also be doing a session with Risen on Sunday evenings and again, email her to find out more.

Messy Church is still going strong too, with a special Messy Church broadcast on the third Sunday afternoon of every month at 3.30pm on our YouTube channel. Jessica is also sending out craft packs for these sessions – again, you can contact Rachel for more information. She can also tell you more about online activities for See and Know and Youthie which are continuing as well.

We very much hope these opportunities will help us all to feel we are still connected through worship and God is still with us, wherever we are.

These are difficult and challenging times but we continue to pray that God will be glorified through all of this.

Our next services

August 4, 2020
August 5, 2020