Crib Service

Christmas Eve – 4pm – St Peter’s YouTube Channel

Shine your light and help us to spread the good news of Christmas with this year’s special online crib service!

This year we have to do things differently but the familiar elements of the Crib Service will still be available on YouTube. And – because we can’t all be together in church – we’d like you to take part in our Christmas Star project!

Between Saturday December 19 and Christmas Eve, special Christmas trees will appear outside church and we would like to cover them in stars. We are asking people to make upcycled star decorations from any stuff you might have around the house (lolly sticks, pipecleaners, plastic white milk cartons, fabric, wool, twigs etc.) and come along and hang them on our tress to shine over Shipley this Christmas.

If you need some inspiration there are lots of great ideas here!

Just remember that the ornaments will be hanging outdoors so need to be rain proof (ish). Please come and hang them on the tree between Saturday the 19th and Thursday the 24th and then watch “Shine Your Light “ at 4pm on Christmas Eve to find out why stars are so  important in the Christmas Story! You can click here to watch the Crib Service.

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