Annual Parochial Church Meeting 2020

Our Annual Parochial Church Meeting 2020 will take place on Monday 23 November 2020 at 7pm.

The meeting was originally due to take place in April this year but had to be postponed due to the first pandemic lockdown period. We had intended to hold the meeting on a Sunday morning but the latest lockdown means this is impossible. Meetings need to take place by the end of the calendar year and the diocese have encouraged churches to hold their meetings virtually if possible. The meeting will, therefore be held on Zoom.

The annual meeting is an important time to come together and hear more about all that has gone on over the past year. It is also when important leadership elections take place. The meeting will be reporting on the Year April 2019 – March 2020 – events since the end of March will be covered in next year’s APCM in April 20201.

How to join the meeting

Click here to join the meeting in Zoom

If you do not have Zoom installed on your computer, you should still be able to join the meeting via your internet browser by clicking on the link above.

The meeting ID is 850 8237 4152 and the meeting password is 724792 – you can use these to join directly from the Zoom app if you have it loaded on a phone, tablet or computer or you can go to the Zoom website here, click the link which says “JOIN A MEETING” at the top right of the home page and use the ID and password above to get into the meeting.

Using video conferencing is actually quite simple but can take a bit of time to sort out if you are not used to it so we will need to bear with each other! We will explain what you need to do during the meeting at the start for those who aren’t familiar with using Zoom. We had hoped it may be possible to allow people to send in votes in advance of the meeting but this is not going to be feasible. However, at this stage, we do not have enough nominations for any of the vacant positions to require an election. We will be using the polling function in Zoom to ask those who have joined the meeting to agree, disagree or abstain on reports and appointments which come to the meeting – again, we will explain how this works on the night but don’t worry, it’s very simple!

We are very sorry that those who do not have internet access will not be able to join the meeting but unfortunately, circumstances are beyond our control and this is the only way we can hold an annual meeting this year.


This year, we were due to appoint two new churchwardens at the original annual meeting back in April. Karen Parkinson and Kerry Milwain had both announced their intention to step down from their wardens’ roles; Kerry’s employment at the Fountains Church in Bradford now makes it difficult for her to worship regularly on Sundays at St Peter’s and she resigned from the churchwarden role in the summer after supporting us through the first lockdown period. Karen has continued to carry the responsibility as a single warden and we are very grateful to them both for all they have done, well beyond the period they originally envisaged.

Churchwardens are elected to serve for a period of one year. We still need to elect new churchwardens at the APCM on November 23 but their terms will now initially only run until the next chuch APCM takes place in April 2021.

We have put together some Frequently Asked Questions (see the link below) to explain more about the role of the warden and how it works. Please have a look at this and think and pray about whether you, or someone you know, might be being prompted by God to stand. Even if you don’t stand this time, God could be getting you ready now for the next time!

Click here to find out more about the role of warden.

Click here to download the nomination form for churchwardens.

As well as wardens, we will be electing our five representatives to the Aire and Worth Deanery Synod (a higher level of church governance) and have two vacancies to fill on our own Parochial Church Council. Elections to both of these councils are for a three-year period.

Click here for Deanery Syond nominations forms.

Click here for Parochial Church Council nomination forms.

You may only nominate someone for churchwarden or for election to the Deanery Synod or PCC with their knowledge and permission. If you would like to submit a nomination for any of these roles please contact John Rainer as soon as possible.


All the papers and reports for the meeting have been posted electronically below and can be read online. If you require hard copies of the papers printing off, please contact the church office to request this – but please only do this if it is absolutely necessary as there is a lot of printing required.

Meeting papers:

APCM Agenda 2020

Minutes of the APCM 2019


Annual Report of the PCC 2019

Deanery Synod Report 2019

Disability Officer’s Report 2019

Environment Policy and Action Report

Fabric Report 2019-20

Children’s and Youth Work Report 2019-20

Mission Support Group Report – APCM 2020

Shipley Christians Together Report – APCM 2020

Shipley Neighbours Report – APCM 2020

St Peter’s Shipley Final Accounts 2019

Section 4 Treasurer’s Report 2019

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