Daily Prayer this week – Generosity Week!

02 – 07 October 2023

Whether we start or end the day with God, developing a regular rhythm of daily prayer is a great thing to do. If you find it helpful to join with others praying at the same time and in the same way, you can join us for morning prayer each week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday on our Facebook page here.

This week is Generosity Week for us here at St Peter’s, when we will be thinking, praying and reflecting on all God’s generosity to us and how he is calling us to respond in generosity back to him. We will be using liturgy which has been adapted for Geneoristy Week and will be adding Tuesday and Thursday Morning Prayers this week (for one week only!) to give us a week of opportunities to spend time reflecting with God.

Morning Prayer follows the church’s liturgical pattern and will generally be available from 9am – but may have been recorded earlier, depending on who’s leading it! You can join live, or watch it later – whatever works for you.

We publish the liturgy we will be using on this page every week if you find it helpful to follow along. A form of evening prayer is provided, as well as morning prayer, for those who find it easier to pray at the end of the day.

The liturgies are below for each day this week.

Monday 2 October – The Gift of Creation

Tuesday 3 October – Faith over Fear

Wednesday 4 October – Having Enough

Thursday 5 October – Out of Dark Times

Friday 5 October – Making a Difference

Saturday 6 October – Generous Giving