Walk through Holy Week with us

Join us this week as we follow Jesus on his journey through Holy Week from the celebrations of Palm Sunday to the cross – and beyond.

Stations of the Cross – Stations of our Planet

On Sunday evening, we spent some time thinking through the traditional Stations of the Cross which help us to actively engage and to reflect on what Jesus went through and what it means for us. 

The death and resurrection of Jesus brings the possibility of healing and renewal for each of us but also for our world and for the planet we live on. As we trace the story of lament to resurrection, we have been thinking particularly about our need to lament too for our failure to care properly for the earth. Christ’s creation is broken around us, just as his body was on the cross. His death and resurrection brings us hope and new life as individuals – there is also hope and new life for our planet, if we are ready to take the action needed. 

The church will be open for an hour each evening Monday – Wednesday this week between 5.30 and 6.30pm. The stations for the cross materials we considered on Sunday will be up around the building and there will be opportunity to individually think and reflect further on their meaning.

Maundy Thursday – April 6

You are invited to join Anglican Christians from across Shipley as we come together at St Paul’s Church in Kirkgate, Shipley to remember the Last Supper and share bread and wine together in remembrance of Jesus’s sacrifice for us, as he told us to do. The service of Holy Communion will start at 7pm.

Good Friday – April 15

Shipley Christians Together will be organising the March of Witness through the town centre on Friday morning – meet at St Paul’s Church in Kirkgate at 11.30am to walk together into the town centre for a short act of worship.

Join us at St Peter’s for an Hour at the Foot of the Cross between 2-3pm for a time of quiet reflection on the death of Jesus.

Easter Sunday – April 09

We will all join together at 10.30am on Easter Day at St Peter’s for an Easter Celebration that Jesus is alive! The service will include Holy Communion and there will be activities available for all ages.

Please note there will be no evening service on Sunday at St Peter’s.