Daily Prayer – new year, new you!

Lots of us choose to use the new year as a time to form new habits and try to get a little bit fitter and healthier as January begins.

Our spiritual health can benefit as well as our physical health from good habits – and one of the best is spending some time each day with God, reading his word and praying.

Many people find this useful to do first thing in the morning as the day begins, but whether we start or end the day with God, the main thing is to develop a regular rhythm that works for you. If you find it helpful to join with others praying at the same time and in the same way, you can join us for morning prayer each week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday on our Facebook page here. Morning Prayer follows the church’s liturgical pattern and will generally be available from 9am – but may have been recorded earlier, depending on who’s leading it! You can join live, or watch it later – whatever works for you.

We publish the liturgy we will be using on this page every week if you find it helpful to follow along. A form of evening prayer is provided, as well as morning prayer, for those who find it easier to pray at the end of the day.You can click here to download the liturgy for morning and evening prayer this week.