National Christingle Service – Sunday 13 December

Christingle Services have become a big part of the traditions at this season of the year over recent times.

Christingle services are all about coming together to remind ourselves of what Christmas is all about by taking:

  • an orange (for the world)
  • with a candle in the top (representing Jesus, the light of the world)
  • wrapped with a red ribbon (Jesus’ blood shed for the world)
  • and with four sticks speared with sweets around the top (to represent God’s provision through the seasons of the year and their fruits)

…to make a a Christingle! The candle can be lit through the evenings of Advent to remind us that the Light of the World is coming at Christmas.

In recent years, Christingle services have also been used to raise funds to support the work of the Children’s Society, a national charity which does vital work to protect and support vulnerable children and their families.

Although things will be different this year, at St Peter’s, we will be incorporating virtual Christingles into some of our celebrations this year – and sending some real ones into some of our local schools as well.

If you would like to take part in a virtual service, the Church of England’s national service this Sunday morning – December 13 – will mark the third weekend in advent with a Christingle Service with the Children’s Society.

It will be broadcast on their Youtube channel this coming Sunday, December 13, at 9am. (We will publish a direct link here as soon as it has been released.)