Join us for daily prayers

Do try and join us to come together at some point every day again this week to say daily prayers.

Whenever and however you prefer to pray, you can download some resources here which you may find helpful – as usual, there are two orders for Morning Prayer – one a fomral liturgical order and one an informal framework. We have also added an order for evening or night prayer knowing that some poeple like to pray at the end of the day instead of – or as well as – in the morning! We continue in the Easter season and the prayers are again themed around what the lectionary suggests at this time of year – but feel free to change these for your own concerns at any time!

Whatever works for you, go for it – the main thing is that we all continue to pray!

We know some of you feel you are joining in with others more when you are able to say prayers along with someone else at the same time. So, over on our Facebook Page, one of the staff team will be saying prayers on the following days and times this week (it will be live but you can watch the video afterwards if you miss it!) Do join us if you can.

Monday – Evening Prayer – 5.30pm; Tuesday – Morning Prayer – 9am; Wednesday – Morning Prayer – 9am; Thursday – Evening prayer – 5.30pm; Friday – Morning Prayer – 9am.

You might notice that the readings taken from the Church of England’s lectionary are again a little bit different on Frday this week. That’s because again, it is a Saints’ day in the church’s calendar – the day marking the apostles Philip and James. Click here if you want to find out more about why the church still remembers them today.

Finally, just a reminder that we have set up an online form which you can use to let us know your requests for prayer and share them with others if you wish or keep them confidentially within in the staff team – but please do use this form and let us know your prayer needs.

The week ahead

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