Worship today – Sunday 19 April

Join St Peter’s Online today for special activities as we mark the second Sunday of Easter!

Rachel will be doing activities for children, young people and families this morning – you can find out more about what will be going on and when on our Facebook page here.

If you would like to share in the national service from the Church of England for today, you can go over to the Church of England website here and watch Morning Worship for Low Sunday, which will be available from 9am today.

This evening, we will be broadcasting our own service of Evening Worship for Easter, reflecting on the resurrection and what it means for us. You can watch this on our YouTube channel here from 6.30pm. You can download all the words of the service here, if you would like to print them out or have them on another device to enable you to join in as the service progresses.

Have a blessed day.