Join us for daily prayers

We would like to encourage everyone again this week to join together for daily prayers.

Whenever and however you prefer to pray, you can download some resources here which you may find helpful – there are two orders for Morning Prayer – one a formal liturgical order and one an informal framework. We have also added an order for night prayer (known as Compline) this week, knowing that some people like to pray at the end of the day instead or – or as well as – in the morning!

Whatever works for you, go for it – the main thing is that we all continue to pray!

As the staff team are having some post-Easter downtime this week and Viv is tied up with the bit of part-time work she sometimes does on the side in public health (!) we won’t be doing any Facebook Live prayertimes this week – but don’t let that stop you at home!. And we’ll be back next week on Facebook.

Happy praying!